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fun stuff

I'm amazed that you've come this far in the Mike Website.  Either you've come here accidentally or you're actually that interested in your humble afternoon DJ...and since I couldn't think of anything else fun and creative to put on this page I'm posting logos of my favorite sports teams.  (I told you it wasn't creative)

  Fire Up Chips!  As the Beach Boys said, "Be True to Your School!" 

Like most Michigan folks I grew up listening to the best baseball 
           announcer ever: Ernie Harwell (R.I.P.)  I met him when I was in middle

           school...I was already about a head taller than he was...he was a short

           My favorite Tiger?  Alan Trammell.  Who's my Tiger?  All of 'em.

  Still remember how annoyed I was when they lost games 6 and 7 to                the Lakers in the '88 Finals.  Hopefully Joe D knows what he's doing                these days.

Kind of miss Nick Lidstrom these days.  They're still the Red Wings

           though.  BTW, Sidney Crosby's a punk. 

 I put this at the bottom because I'm not real proud of it.  Just goes

            with the territory when you're born and raised in Michigan.

Other teams I'm fond of...Pittsburgh Steelers (it doesn't hurt that their top receiver is a CMU guy...go Antonio Brown!), Chicago Cubs...I didn't feel like finding logos for them.  Sorry.

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