Mike's High Low Jackpot


Mike’s Big Money High Low Jackpot
Listen Monday thru Friday (excluding Memorial Day) starting on 4/21/14. At approximately 8:30am Mike tells you what hours between 8:30am and 7pm that day the contest will be played. At anytime during those hours listen for your cue to call 393-5224. Be caller 7 and you have a chance to guess the amount of money in “Mike’s Big Money High Low Jackpot.” Random bonus opportunities could come at anytime between 8:30am and 7:00pm.  There is no maximum amount of money in "Mike's Big Money High Low Jackpot", but it will never be less than $500. If your guess is incorrect you and the rest of the 101.7 Mike FM listeners will be told if the guess was too high, or too low. The contest continues until someone correctly guesses the exact amount of money, to the penny, in “Mike’s Big Money High Low Jackpot.” The person with the correct guess wins that amount of money.
All standard Mike FM contest rules apply to “Mike’s Big Money High Low Jackpot”
Additional contest rules for “Mike’s Big Money High Low Jackpot”
  1. There is no limit to the amount of times you can guess the amount of money in “Mike’s Big Money High Low Jackpot”
  2. Once you’ve won “Mike’s Big Money High Low Jackpot” you are ineligible to win again, even if the contest extends beyond 30 days of the date you won.
  3. Only one winner per family per household for the duration of “Mike’s Big Money High Low Jackpot.”
  4. Once the qualified caller is identified, the game will be played, live on the air or recorded, for playback to be aired as soon as programming permits.  During the contest a brief review of the contest rules will be recited, and the caller will be asked if they understand how to play.  Once the caller verifies understanding of the rules, the caller will be asked to guess the amount of money in the High-Low Jackpot.  The callers guess will be repeated by the contest host and the caller asked for verification that the guess was understood correctly.  Once we have verification that the guess was properly identified by the station, the caller will be informed if the guess in relation to the Jackpot was Too High, Too Low, or was correct.
  5. If the caller correctly guesses the amount of money in the Jackpot, the caller will receive the Jackpot amount, as the winner of that game.  The Jackpot will be reloaded and a new game will begin at the discretion of the station.  If the Jackpot is not guessed, that game will continue.
  6. Prize is non-transferable.  Prize will be awarded in the form of a check.
  7. Winners must appear in person with a legal form of photo ID to claim their prize at the 101.7 Mike FM business offices located at; 600 West Cavanaugh, Lansing, MI 48910 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8a-5p).  Winners are responsible for all taxes and for any expenses not specified related to their participation in the High-Low Game and the acceptance and use of a prize.
  8. Mike FM reserves the right to modify or change the rules of "Mike's High Low Jackpot" at anytime for any reason.
  9. All decisions by MikeFM judges regarding "Mike's High Low Jackpot" are final.
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